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Postprzez jetboy » 26 mar 2019 12:13


Hot in the heels of the LEGO Tower game that was recently announced, we're also announcing a contest in collaboration with the team from LEGO Games. Make sure to check it out and share it with your communities.

Among the cool prizes, is a very unique prize opportunity wherein the 6 winners will get their winning builds included in the LEGO Tower game when it launches in the summer!

The brief:

If you could include your very own, customized floor in a LEGO Tower, how would it look? We challenge you to build a virtual LEGO floor that fits within the brand-new LEGO Tower game. Make sure you build an awesome place to hang out, because your design could end up in the actual LEGO Tower game launching this summer. So, open your digital LEGO building tool and unleash your creativity to get your very own floor included in the LEGO Tower game!

Full contest details:
https://ideas.lego.com/challenges/93c5e ... 7023a12b2b
To KLOCKI LEGO, można z nich zbudować WSZYSTKO!

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