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[IDEAS] Pop Up Book

Postprzez jetboy » 29 lis 2018 16:41

Another day, another awesome LEGO Ideas contest! Today I'm happy to introduce you all to the latest contest - Create a Bricktastic Pop-Up Story!

We're on the look out for all the talented storytellers who also know who to create magic with LEGO bricks! Whether you’re into action stories, romance, fairy tales, science fiction, comics or a whole other genre, we challenge you to build a bricktastic story that will make us all fall off our chairs! To give your story the ultimate twist of creativity, we ask you to build it as a pop-up.

The contest is open now and closes on the 3rd of January, 2019 at 6:00 a.m. ET.

For more info you can check out our summarizing blog post here https://ideas.lego.com/blogs/a4ae09b6-0 ... ade8cfc028

One Grand Prize winner will win:

A custom, special edition Pop-Up Book created by LEGO Designer Wes Talbott and featuring artwork by LEGO Graphic Designer Crystal Fontan
A 8x16 tile signed by the LEGO Ideas team
The complete 2018 LEGO Ideas assortment:
21315 Pop-Up Book signed by the LEGO Designer
21311 Voltron signed by the LEGO Designer
21313 Ship in a Bottle signed by the LEGO Designer
21314 Tron Legacy signed by the LEGO Designer
21104 NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover
21301 Birds
LEGO Ideas tote bag
LEGO FanTube interview opportunity

TLDR; Nowy konkurs na Ideas. Trzeba zbudować jakąś ciekawą historię w formie PopUpBook - coś jak ostatni zestaw Ideas.
To KLOCKI LEGO, można z nich zbudować WSZYSTKO!

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