[Brickset] Character Building Competition

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[Brickset] Character Building Competition

Postprzez Jaskier » 03 lis 2018 10:29

Character-driven LEGO themes have become increasingly important in recent years, due in part to the development of original animated series which are based upon LEGO's own properties and investment in new licensed products such as Overwatch.

Our latest building competition is therefore focused upon creating a new character. We are asking Brickset users to construct their own fantasy characters and write a short biography about them. These characters might inhabit an existing fantasy world or one of your own creation, it is entirely up to you!

Find out more about the competition and the prizes, as well as how to enter, after the break...

Characters can be constructed using System parts, CCBS pieces or a combination of them both.
There are no specific restrictions with regard to the number of pieces you may include, although the model should be around the same size as a standard Buildable Figure (between 20cm and 30cm in height or length).
Biographies should contain no more than 200 words.
Characters can exist within an original universe or an existing one but the character itself must be entirely your own creation.

Entries will be judged on the following criteria:
The originality of your character and their biography.
Building techniques and parts usage.
Adherence to the rules.

How to enter:
You may submit multiple entries.
Your models should be new and unseen prior to this competition.
Physical models can be submitted to the Brickset Flickr group which has been set up for this contest, or post your entry on Instagram using the hashtag #BricksetCharacterCompetition.
Virtual creations in LDD, stud.io or other CAD programs can be submitted to a separate Flickr group or posted on Instagram using the hashtag #BricksetVirtualCharacterCompetition.
Please include character biographies in the description beneath images on Flickr or the caption beside images on Instagram.
You may only upload a maximum of three images of your entry.

Five winners will receive copies of The Art of LEGO BIONICLE.
These will be split between physical and digital entries, depending upon the number of entries in each category.

Other information:
Please do not include any references to sex, drugs, alcohol etc. in your entry.
Custom and non-LEGO components are not permitted.
Although we will not be judging your photographic skills, please try to light your models evenly and photograph them against a clean background.
Please upload your entries by 23:59 GMT on the 31st of December 2018.
The winners will be announced shortly after.
The judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Trzeba zbudować wymyśloną przez siebie postać ze świata fantasy/sf (wymyślonego przez siebie lub istniejącego) w skali buildable figures (20-30cm) i napisać jej krótką notkę biograficzną.
Mechy i ujeżdżane przez minifigi potwory też się liczą.

Link do ogłoszenia na Bricksecie: KLIK

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Re: [Brickset] Character Building Competition

Postprzez Kalais » 03 lis 2018 10:47

W sumie ciekawy konkurs, akurat mam rozpoczętą taką postać.

P.S. Jak by ktoś chciał nagrodę bez udziału w konkursie to tu legalnie można pobrać tą książkę - https://images.brickset.com/library/mis ... onicle.pdf

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