[LEGO] Build to give 2019

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[LEGO] Build to give 2019

Postprzez jetboy » 02 wrz 2019 12:30

We are getting in touch with exciting news about the LEGO Build to Give campaign which is once again taking place this holiday season. The campaign doesn’t go live until the beginning of November, but we are giving you an exclusive sneak-peak as we would love you to join in and help us share the joy of play with children around the world.

A ‘sneak-peak’ into our Build to Give 2019 campaign

In 2018, thanks to your support we donated over 520,000 LEGO sets to children in need of play through our Build to Give campaign. This year we want go further and reach even more children around the world because we know how powerful play can be - especially for those who find themselves in difficult circumstances during the holidays.

During November and December, children, families and fans will again be encouraged to build holiday ornaments – in stores and at home - and for each one built and shared, we’ll give a LEGO set to a child in need of play.

This year we are asking fans to inject their personality and their passions into their builds and use their imagination to build ornaments that give the holidays a new twist. For example, why does Santa have to sit on a sleigh, why not a rocket? Why do reindeer have to pull the sleigh and not unicorns? Why have a holiday wreath and not a rainbow garland? We would love fans to incorporate what they are passionate about with holiday traditions and reimagine the ‘boring bauble’!

Build to Give events

As well as building and sharing your awesome holiday ornaments with us digitally from November onwards, we also want to encourage you to host your own Build to Give events in November or December: bring fans together, remind each other of the true meaning of the holidays and help to share the gift of play with children around the world.

If you are interested in putting on your own Build to Give event we will make a poster and a leaflet available to you, that you can print locally to help bring this to life. We will be sharing these assets with you here on LAN by October 1st.

Build to Give Activity live on LEGO Ideas from today

To further support the Build to Give campaign, we are, already from today, asking members on LEGO Ideas to start the countdown to the holiday season by building and sharing holiday ornaments in this new Activity. Go check it out, and start the fun early! You might get to see your own ornament design on LEGO channels after the campaign has launched, inspiring others to participate in the joy of building! The Activity will be open for submissions until Monday September 9th!

On behalf of the AFOL Engagement and Build to Give team,

To KLOCKI LEGO, można z nich zbudować WSZYSTKO!

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Re: [LEGO] Build to give 2019

Postprzez Sirius » 08 wrz 2019 12:22

Dałem newsa na stronę, w tygodniu wrzucę jeszcze na fb.

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Re: [LEGO] Build to give 2019

Postprzez tybort » 12 gru 2019 01:34

Zostało jeszcze parę dni, można by pewnie przypomnieć o akcji :)

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